जनजातीय कार्य मंत्रालय
Ministry of Tribal Affairs

About National Tribal Virtual Art & Culture Portal (ADI KALAKAR Portal)

Ministry of Tribal Affairs is administrating the schemes of “Support of Tribal Research Institute” and Tribal Festival, Research, Information and Mass Education” for preserving, promoting and propagating vanishing visual and performing art forms including folk, tribal and classical in the field of music, dance, theatre, literature, fine arts etc .TRIs organize various cultural activities and programmes for promoting the folk/tribal art and culture all over the country on regular basis.
National Tribal Virtual Art & Culture Portal (ADI KALAKAR Portal) will be a central repository of artisans and artists, audio-video recordings of performances .


The art form should be submitted under any one of the 4 categories:
• Dance
• Music
• Paintings
• Handicrafts

How To Participate

Any Tribal citizen of India, aged 18 years and above, can participate in various Art and cultural programs. Interested participants will have to submit relevant details to respective TRIs.

For participating in any cultural programs, prior experience or knowledge in tribal art & culture is recommended.

• To participate in any program, please contact respective State TRIs .

• TRIs will organise art and culture-based programs/events at various places where the art form can be recorded.

• TRIs will further register event details and participants details on National Tribal Virtual Art & Culture portal (ADI KALAKAR PORTAL) and submit art form with complete historical detail of art form on the portal.